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That's about the size of it

Reinventing the wheel

Meridian Imports Tile started much like any other company. A group of industry professionals trying to find a way to reinvent the "distribution" wheel. So we asked ourselves - Is there a way to do things differently? Maybe we could even do them better. Do we stock a few items deep? Or, do we stock everything? The ideas were endless but the reality was sobering. We wondered, with so much product flooding the market how could we separate ourselves from the pack? That's when we had a very BIG idea, literally. 


Bigger really is better

As the years go by tiles get bigger...and bigger...and bigger. Today's design trends are sleek, innovative, and larger than life. At Meridian Imports Tile we strive to encompass all three of these ideals into our product selection. Our manufacturing partners utilize state of the art technology to ensure superior quality in finsh and form. Then, each collection is carefully selected to exceed client expectations. Finally, we go big or go home! Formats range from 18x36 inches to 1x2 meter slabs. Because here at MIT, size really does matter.  


It's not rocket science

Building strong relationships and providing an enjoyable buying experience are our top priority. The team at MIT may be small but we're BIG on customer service. When job specifications change you need a real business partner, with real solutions. Meridian Imports Tile is here to help.  Let us show you how. 

The Team

The difference between "try" and "triumph" is just a little "umph".

 - Bonnie Pryzbylski


Warehouse Manager Order processing, warehouse operations and transportation coordination is Jesus' top priority.


Customer Service When you need to verify stock, place an order, or check a status, Marivic is happy to help answer your questions.


Warehouse Making sure your order is pulled accurately and packaged with care, Guillermo gets it done right.

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